Catalogue 2021 - 2022

Management and Leadership Major

General Information

The Management and Leadership program emphasizes the knowledge, competencies, and characteristics necessary for effective leadership in meeting organizational objectives and challenges. Students undertake a wide range of academic and experiential learning opportunities to develop the proactive, critical, and creative thinking skills needed for problem-solving, communication, commitment to excellence, and personal integrity that enable them to provide effective management and leadership in work and community settings.

Career Preparation

In order to help students understand careers available to Management and Leadership majors, faculty in the Department of Management designed activities to guide students from career exploration through career implementation. Examples of some of these include:

  1. Career Exploration in the freshmen year is accomplished in BUS 110 through guest speakers from local businesses;
  2. Career Investigation in the sophomore year courses includes personality assessment linked to career choices in MAN 204/HONB 204;
  3. Career Determination in the junior year is accomplished through resume review and mock interviews in HRM 323; and
  4. Career Implementation in the senior year is addressed through participation in the “RealTest” Assessment Exercise. During this daylong event, students demonstrate their management and leadership abilities and are coached by local business people and alumni volunteers.

Career Opportunities

Management and Leadership majors are prepared to embark on a career path with the promise of increasing responsibility in a rapidly changing global environment.

Graduates work in a wide range of organizations and positions that include: manufacturing, corporate business, financial services, small business, hospitality industry, government, and public administration. Many enroll in graduate programs or law school. Our focus is on preparation for career-entry and our successful graduates typically enter businesses and organizations in entry-level professional positions.

Management Faculty



Program Learning Goals

Having completed a major in Management and Leadership, the student will have the ability to:

  1. Understand and synthesize the basic concepts and theories of management and leadership that serve as a basis for high performance;
  2. Apply theories and concepts of management and leadership to develop strategies for improving the performance of people and processes in organizations;
  3. Perform well on teams, provide leadership, contribute and collaborate to achieve team goals;
  4. Demonstrate skill and competency in developmental performance feedback; and
  5. Apply theories and concepts of management and leadership to develop strategies for dealing with organizational and interpersonal conflict.

See Core Requirements for All Business Majors and General University Requirements (78 credit hours)

Degree Requirements

Required Management and Business Law courses (24 credit hours)

BL 308Labor Management Relations

3 cr.

BL 424Business Law for Human Resource Management

3 cr.

MAN 303Interpersonal Skills for Leading

3 cr.

HRM 323Human Resource Management

3 cr.

MAN 370Project Management

3 cr.

MAN 466Senior Seminar in Management and Leadership

3 cr.

MAN 480Internship in Management

1-3 cr.

MAN 3XX/4XXUpper Level Management Elective

3 cr.

Total Credit Hours:22-24

Electives (18 credit hours)

GEN XXXGeneral Electives

18 cr.

Total Credit Hours:18

Total Credit Hours: 40-42