Catalogue 2021 - 2022

College of Business Special Academic Opportunities

Special Academic Opportunities 

Business Honors Program 

The College of Business provides academically qualified and motivated students with the opportunity to distinguish their academic career through participation in the Business Honors Program. Business Honors courses are distinguished by the type of work required, pace of study, and opportunities for broader consideration of core course themes. In addition, Business Honors courses emphasize critical and independent thinking to produce creative applications of ideas.  


Entering College of Business freshmen with a minimum high school GPA of 3.8 are automatically eligible for the College of Business Honors Program.  In addition, other freshmen who present remarkable GPAs or SAT/ACT scores may be invited to join the Business Honors Program.  Admission decisions will be made by the Honors Committee so that students may be registered for the first honors course during Summer Orientation and Registration Program (SOAR).


To receive the College of Business Honors designation on their transcript, a student must:

  1. Complete 18 credits of honors courses: 12 of these 18 credits must be taken from honors courses in the College of Business; 6 of these 12 Business honors credits must be at the 300 or 400 level.   
  2. Complete an honors project (HONB 495) as approved and overseen by the Honors Committee in the  College of Business. 

ERP Certificate with SAP

Students can earn an ERP certificate with SAP by taking three SAP core Business courses. This can be done within the normal College of Business requirements.