Catalogue 2021 - 2022

LA 110 First Year Seminar Arts & Sciences


3 cr.


First Year Students Only

Course Description

The course represents a segment of the general education requirements, specifically pertaining to personal development and relevant academic skills. First Year Seminar is a course designed to ease the transition to the first year of college and to explore the value of college and develop a sense of personal identity. While course content can vary from section to section, there is a commonly shared core of objectives that characterizes the seminar. Organized around academic interests, there is structured opportunity to become acquainted with the intricacies of particular academic disciplines, or, if undecided, to engage major and/or career exploration activities. As regards general education components, the seminar serves as an introduction to critical thinking, a platform for exploring information literacy, and practical application of oral presentation strategies. One of the unique components of the course is linking the role of instructor to that of academic advisor for the students enrolled in any particular section. The course is also distinguished by the use of student assistants known as First Seminar Assistants whose role is to support students in the academic transition challenges of the first year. In addition, the LA 110 course offers the opportunity for the faculty to use a medium of their choice to emphasize critical thinking and writing skills as they relate to contemporary issues, making students more aware of local, national, and global issues that will influence the world they live in.