Catalogue 2021 - 2022

HONB 312 Enterprise Process Integration with SAP


3 cr.


MAN 101/HONB 101 or MAN 204/HONB 204; MK 200/HONB 200; BL 201/BL 360/BL 350/HONB 201; AC 202; BIS 202; BIS 220/BIS 221; FIN 214

Course Description

The course provides the intermediate integrative framework between BUS 101 and BUS 450. It does so by using SAP to capture the information generated in executing business processes. Students will dive deeper into the topics such as Master data, Business process design, ERP system integration and the value-added, industry specific best practices for processes. Each student will configure a fully functioning business by creating the essential business functions/elements, such as a Chart of accounts, a G/L, credit management, document management, organizational elements for procurement, fulfillment & production, to name a few. Students will create the necessary Master Data. Students will execute business transactions using previously created the org elements and Master data. The course demonstrates integration between functional areas through the configuration and execution of business processes. Using SAP, the student will build upon the introduction to each of the functional areas of business in an integrative manner.



Cross Listed Courses

BUS 312


in spring semester, even years only