Catalogue 2021 - 2022

HONB 203 Financial Accounting: The Language of Business


3 cr.


Acceptance into the College of Business Honors Program or consent of the Business Honors Coordinator.

Course Description

This course is the introductory financial accounting course for students enrolled in the Business Honors Program in the College of Business. This course exposes students to the basic concepts and issues of financial reporting, including critical analysis of the four primary financial statements. The emphasis is on the interpretation and use of the financial accounting information to make informed decisions. Key outcomes include an understanding of underlying accounting concepts/principles, the accounting information process, the elements of the primary financial statements, and the role of financial accounting in the economy.  Cases and financial statements of actual companies are used to stimulate critical and independent thinking, as well as creative application of concepts learned in class.


Cannot take both HONB 203 and AC 101/AC 201 for credit. 

Since HONB 203 is considered a ‘bonding’ experience for freshmen honors students, this course is restricted for freshmen Business Honors Students

Cross Listed Courses

AC 101/AC 201


in fall only.