Catalogue 2021 - 2022

ED 409 Practicum in Secondary Teaching


9 cr.


Secondary Education Majors only, ED 120, and ED 275, or permission of instructor

Course Description

This practicum, student teaching, is where students demonstrate evidence they have met the Professional Teaching Standards (PSTs) required for a Secondary Teacher (grades 5-12 or 8-12). Working with a MA licensed teacher and a WNE University faculty member, each student teacher participates in a minimum of four formal observations and three three-way meetings to support development of effective teaching practices, professional behaviors and participation in school culture during this 300 hour (minimum) experience. The Candidate Assessment of Performance (CAP) rubric is a primary outcome tool for identifying level of PST implementation. Sources of evidence of readiness to teach, and eligibility for licensure generated during this full-time teaching experience include: lesson plans grounded in MA Curriculum Frameworks, demonstration of diverse instructional techniques, equitable and safe classroom environment, assessment and work samples of secondary students, development and implementation of curriculum, communication with family and staff as well as products of other targeted assignments. ED 409 must be taken concurrently with ED 410.

This course and SW 412 may not both be counted toward the minimum 120 credit hours required for the degree. Includes 300 hours of full-time practicum fieldwork (student teaching) at a local elementary school.