Catalogue 2021 - 2022

ED 366 Secondary Prepracticum II


1 cr.


Education Majors Only, or permission of instructor.

Course Description


Prepracticum experiences are designed to provide opportunity for preservice teachers to connect theory to practice, and demonstrate implementation of the Professional Standards for Teachers (PSTs). Students are placed in a local secondary classroom where they work actively with the classroom teacher and students to develop skills in the four PST standards: Curriculum, Planning, and Assessment, Teaching All Students, Family and Community Engagement, and the Professional Culture standard. In addition to active participation in the secondary classroom, students also complete assignments that are designed to develop pedagogical skills and yield data documenting dispositional qualities, and content knowledge. This data is used for guiding students in building the skills needed to be eligible for, and successful in, the full practicum. In addition to the PSTs, this prepracticum is focused on gaining experience in content area teaching specific to a student’s chosen major, grounded in the matching MA Curriculum Framework.

This preprac requires design, and formally observed, implementation of a lesson reviewed by WNE content faculty, cooperating teacher, and WNE ED faculty.