Catalogue 2021 - 2022

BUS 423 Product Development and Innovation


3 cr.


BUS 312/HONB 312 or BUS 326, and BIS 310 or BIS 312

Course Description

This course will cover new product innovation from both an entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship perspective. The course will have three components: a theoretical, a practical or clinical, and an application. The theoretical will consist of generating and identifying business opportunities; assessing concept ideas from technical, market, and financial perspectives; designing and developing new products; testing prototypes from technical and market perspectives; and developing a marketing plan including launch, monitoring, and measurement provisions. The practical or clinical component will consist of business-engineering student teams identifying consumer or business new product ideas of their own, from a faculty-generated list, or from local corporations. Selection of ideas is on the basis of the importance of the need, the novelty, the challenge, and commercialization potential. Teams will develop marketing plan to market their new product designs. The application component will involve presenting the final designs and plans to an expert panel of business executives, investors, and faculty.


Cannot receive credit for taking BME 423/BME 471 and ME 423.

Cross Listed Courses

BME 423/BME 471 and ME 423


in fall.