Catalogue 2021 - 2022

Requirements for a Master's Degrees

In order to qualify for a master’s degree, a student must:

  • Be formally admitted to the degree program.
  • Complete the required programs as approved by the dean of the degree-granting college within eight years prior to the date of graduation. All graduate courses transferred into the programs must be taken within this eight-year period as well.
  • Apply no more than six credit hours of transfer credit toward 30-credit graduate programs or 12 credit hours of transfer credit toward 600-level courses in any graduate program requiring 36 or more credit hours.  An exception is made for WNE undergraduates taking graduate credits as described in the Special Academic Opportunities section of the catalogue, or who are concurrently enrolled in one of the University’s dual degree programs.  Normally, the final courses are to be taken at Western New England University, but in exceptional circumstances students may apply to the appropriate dean to have their final one, two, or three courses approved to be taken elsewhere.
  • Take at least 24 credit hours of the master’s degree graduate course requirements at the University.
  • Attain an overall grade point average of 3.0 or higher. Overall average is the average of all courses that are applied toward the degree. The degree audit shows the grade point average in all courses completed to that point.
  • A student continuously enrolled, with no interruption of academic program longer than one semester or two terms absence, is expected to fulfill the requirements of the catalogue current at the time of admission to the University. A student not continuously enrolled is expected to meet the requirements current at the time of readmission. A one-year leave of absence may be granted at the discretion of the appropriate dean.
  • Complete an Application for Degree form, which will place the student’s name on the graduation list for October, February, May or August graduation as appropriate.