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The Global Scholars program provides Western New England University students with the opportunity to distinguish themselves by developing an understanding of another region or nation outside of the United States through university coursework and international study experiences. While the structure of each Global Scholars program is determined and overseen by the College in which the student is enrolled, all Global Scholars programs include the following elements:

  • An introductory experience or course
  • A period or periods of international study abroad
  • Completion of a sequence of courses in international issues, area studies, or foreign language
  • An integrating or capstone experience or course

All Global Scholars are encouraged to participate in globally-focused opportunities on campus.

Additional details regarding specific Global Scholars requirements are provided in each College’s catalogue section: College of Arts and Sciences and College of Business.

Western New England University offers Global Scholars programs in the College of Arts and Sciences Special Academic Opportunities and the College of Business Special Academic Opportunities.

University Global Scholars – College of Arts and Sciences Program

The College of Arts and Sciences encourages all students to understand regions and nations outside of the United States through University courses and international experiences. The Global Scholars program helps students prepare for and reflect upon their pre-departure, international, and re-entry processes to cultivate their intellectual and intercultural learning.

Global Scholars supports students in connecting their international and intercultural courses and experiences to their academic, professional, and personal endeavors. It is open to students from any major in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students who satisfy all requirements will receive the Global Scholar designation on their University transcript and at Commencement.

To earn the College of Arts and Sciences Global Scholar designation, a student must complete successfully:

International and Intercultural Orientation and Reflection (INST 100, 2 credits, to be completed by the end of the sophomore year) aims to develop students’ skills in learning about and reflecting on cultural differences in education and work abroad. It serves as a pre-orientation to international and intercultural education. This course is open to any University student.

Minimum six credits of study outside the United States that are completed in one or more international study experiences. This may be accomplished in many ways: through participation in the Freshman Semester in London, in one of the College’s many study-abroad courses, in a semester or summer program arranged via the University’s Study Abroad Office, or in a combination of courses or travel-study experiences during summer or winter breaks.

Exceptions to the international study experience may be granted for a student pursuing intensive language training (i.e. 15 credits of a foreign language may replace 3 credits of study abroad).

Minimum six credits of University or international courses on foreign languages, regions, or cultures, or on global issues relevant to a student’s international and intercultural focus.

A capstone experience completed in the senior year (1-3 credits) that provides Global Scholars with active reflection on their international or intercultural experiences and how that learning connects to their University studies. The capstone will follow the international or intercultural experience and must be developed in consultation with the Coordinator of Global Scholars. This requirement may be aligned with the Honors Program and/or major program requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Students must be in good academic standing to participate in study abroad and to graduate with Global Scholars recognition. Particular study abroad programs may require higher standards of admission.

Contact Dr. Meri Clark (, the Coordinator of the University Global Scholars College of Arts and Sciences Program for more information.