Catalogue 2020 - 2021

POSC 226 The Legal Profession


3 cr.


POSC 101, POSC 102, INST 101, LSOC 101, LSOC 102, CJ 101, or Sophomore standing.

Course Description

LSOC 226/POSC 226 introduces the legal profession from the perspective of both law practitioners and the social sciences; provides an inside view of the practice of law as well as social science perspectives on the role of the lawyer in society; considers issues associated with access to justice, legal ethics, and cause-lawyering among others; clarifies the connections between the goals of liberal education, on the one hand, and legal education, on the other; and compares and contrasts the values, perspectives, and assumptions of social science and ethics with those of the legal profession.

Cross Listed Courses

LSOC 226


Spring Only