Catalogue 2020 - 2021

HRM 328 Human Resources Analytics


3 cr.


MAN 101/HONB 101 or MAN 204/HONB 204 or PSY 101, BIS 221, and Junior standing.

Course Description

The course offers students opportunities to apply analytical methods to enhance people-related decision-making in organizations. Students will use Human Resource (HR) data to evaluate critical HR Management questions and issues such as workforce planning, legal compliance, recruiting, hiring and promotion, performance management, training, job design, compensation, and career planning. Students will learn to solve organization HR challenges using analytics, identify advantages and disadvantages of analytic options, evaluate scholarly reports and studies, use key analytic tools, understand how to gather, track, store, retrieve, organize, analyze, interpret, and present HR data that leads to actionable business decisions.


HRM 328 is equivalent to MAN 328

Cross Listed Courses

MAN 328




in fall.