Catalogue 2020 - 2021

HONB 200 Marketing Concepts


3 cr.


Acceptance into the Honors Program or consent of the Business Honors Coordinator.

Course Description

This course examines the marketing functions and analyzes the business environment that affects the development of promotion, pricing, distribution, and product/service/idea areas of the business organization.  As the honors equivalent of MK200, the type of work required, pace of study, and opportunities for broader consideration of core course themes distinguish this course. In addition, this course emphasizes critical and independent thinking to produce creative applications of ideas. Key learning outcomes include an ability to analyze and comment on market strategy and tactical development.  Such analysis and commentary should address environment influences, changing political, social, demographic, legal and regulatory, technological, and global marketplace environment, and the effects on the planning and execution of ethical and socially responsible marketing strategy and detailed development of the marketing mix.


Cannot take HONB 200 and MK 200 for credit. 

Cross Listed Courses

MK 200


in spring only.