Catalogue 2020 - 2021

HIST 372 Latin American Revolutions


3 cr.


Junior standing.

Course Description

This course will examine several ways in which social movements in Latin America have been defined and analyzed by historians and social scientists. We will consider the circumstances under which people act collectively; how people respond to revolutionary transformations; and how economic, social, and cultural contexts limit or expand the scope of such activity. We will also give special attention to evaluating the kinds of sources that social scientists (historians, political scientists, anthropologists, and economists) employ in their studies of society, action, and change. We will focus on cases from Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Bolivia, and Brazil in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. However, this will entail investigation into the historical roots of violent and non-violent movements and broader comparisons across Latin American and world societies.


This course satisfies one of the Writing Intensive Course requirements for Arts and Sciences students.

Formerly "Rioters, Rebels and Revolutionaries in Latin America"