Catalogue 2020 - 2021

CPE 442 Verification and Validation


3 cr.


CPE 425/CPE 525 or equivalent.

Course Description

This course introduces the student to software testing strategies and techniques. The goal is to provide a framework for the testing of the developed software in a series of well-planned steps. The cost impact of testing is illustrated in terms of effort, time, and resources. Students learn the issues associated with program proving, code inspection, test coverage, code reviews, unit-level testing, and system level testing. Students are exposed to the difficulty and costs of some types of analysis and testing. These are examined in addition to the need for automation of tedious tasks. The benefits of automated tests are explored as well as the associated costs. The advantages of regression tests are discussed. The primary methods of assessing student learning are homework assignments, a presentation, a group project, a midterm, and final exam.