Catalogue 2020 - 2021

COMM 235 British Press and Politics


3 cr.

Course Description

This course examines the interaction between British news media and the national government. Students of American media and politics may be surprised to learn that the constitutional guarantee of free press that Americans take for granted is not codified in a single document in Great Britain. Instead, the media-government relationship has evolved over time largely through practice, with print media today policing themselves through the Independent Press Standards Organisation and electronic media laboring under tighter government control. We will examine the relationship between British media and government in comparison with their counterparts in the United States. The course will consist of a mix of lecture notes, class discussions, case studies and field trips. Students will complete short homework assignments and quizzes while in London, and they will submit a more in-depth research paper after they return to the United States.

This course satisfies the Social/Behavioral Science perspective requirement. This course can also be taken at the 300-level with permission of instructor.


Taught in summer session in London.

Cross Listed Courses

POSC 235