Catalogue 2020 - 2021

BUS 312 Business Processes and Enterprise Resource Planning with SAP


3 cr.


AC 202, BIS 202, BIS 221, BL 201/HONB 201/BL 350/BL360, FIN 214, MAN 101/HONB 101 or MAN 204/HONB 204; MK 200/HONB 200

Course Description

This course provides the intermediate integrative framework between BUS 101 and BUS 450. It does so by using SAP ERP application software. Each student establishes a virtual business by configuring SAP to create the needed organizational elements and the Master Data. Students execute transactions for the procurement and sales cycles. Through these business process implementations students learn integration of core business functions at the operations level. Students are taught business process design concepts and vocabulary which can be implemented in any ERP system.

This course satisfies the SAP Certificate requirement.



Cross Listed Courses

HONB 312


in fall and spring.