Catalogue 2020 - 2021

MBA Program Structure

The MBA degree, earned after 36 credit hours of study, comprises core and elective coursework. Each area of coursework requires the following:

Core requirements: 27 credit hours

Elective requirements: 9 credit hours

Students who meet the admission standards for entry into the MBA program but have not completed the core knowledge requirement will be admitted under Tentative Status. Applicants to the MBA program who are in the process of completing the admission process may take two graduate business courses and work on satisfying the core knowledge requirement concurrently. If core knowledge requirements are not completed, students may not continue to take any additional 600 level courses (beyond two) until the requirements have been completed.

There is an option for students currently enrolled, or accepted to, the Western New England University School of Law to complete both the Juris Doctorate and the MBA in a unique combined degree program. Interested students should contact the School of Law Admissions Office and the College of Business Associate Dean’s Office for specific information. There is also an option for students currently enrolled in the Western New England University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences to complete both the PharmD. and the MBA. Students enrolled in Western New England University College of Engineering Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) can complete both the MSEM and the MBA.

Degree Requirements

Core Course Requirements 27 credit hours

Completion of the following courses is required:

MAN 605Leadership, Problem Solving and Decision Making

3 cr.

BUS 610/MAN 611Business and Its Environment

3 cr.

AC 630Accounting for Decision Makers

3 cr.

FIN 630Managerial Finance

3 cr.

BIS 610Information Technology Management and Applications

3 cr.

MAN 610Organizational Behavior and Theory

3 cr.

BIS 620Decision Modeling for Analytics

3 cr.

MK 640Marketing Management

3 cr.

BUS 680Strategic Management

3 cr.

Total Credit Hours:27

The final course in the program is designed to integrate the knowledge learned in the core coursework to enhance student understanding of management practice.

Each course is three credits.

Elective Course Requirements 9 credit hours

Students may chose to take elective courses based on their individual interests and professional needs. Throughout the program, students will be provided with a variety of elective course offerings in accounting, business information systems, finance, general business, management, and marketing. Elective courses can be taken at any time during the program. It is best, however, for students to plan on taking electives later in their MBA study after completing the majority of their foundation coursework.