Catalogue 2020 - 2021

JD/Master of Science in Sport Leadership and Coaching (dual degree program)

The JD/MS in Sport Leadership and Coaching (JD/MSLC) provides advanced sport management education to individuals seeking managerial and/or athletic coaching positions in sport organizations combined with the completion of a Juris Doctorate. The degree provides students the opportunity to earn a JD and an in-depth understanding of the core concepts necessary to run critical program functional areas like marketing, fund raising, player evaluation, and team leadership. The degree also facilitates the development of analytical abilities required to make sound business decisions, fosters a deeper understanding of leadership theory, organizational dynamics and team performance, and the exploration of how individuals can motivate, build, and inspire a high performing team. Pursuing both degrees allows students to take advantage of cross credits, where 6 credits of business coursework can be applied toward the 88 credits required for the JD degree, and, 9 credits of law coursework can be applied toward the 30 credits required for the MS in Sport Leadership and Coaching degree.

The JD/MS in Sport Leadership and Coaching (JD/MSLC) features two one-week residencies, one offered at the beginning of the program, and the other, at the end of the program. Each residency will be facilitated by a series of graduate courses that will be offered online, with some optional in-class sessions.

This is a structured program designed to meet the guidelines delineated by the American Bar Association and AACSB International accreditation. Candidates for the program must have a four-year undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university. Students are required to apply to both the MS in Sport Leadership and Coaching program through the College of Business and the J.D. program through the School of Law. Those interested in this degree option should contact the School of Law Admission Office and College of Business Dean’s Office for specific information on application for admissions.

Total Credit Hours: 85