Catalogue 2020 - 2021

OTD 675 Level II Fieldwork 1


9 crs.


All Entry-Level OTD Coursework

Course Description

The Level II fieldwork section of the WNE OTD program is an integral part of the overall curriculum. The core objective of Level II fieldwork is for the OTD student to evolve into an entry level practitioner in the assigned practice area through application of theory and techniques learned throughout the didactic portion of the curriculum. Level II fieldwork consists of two separate experiences, OTD 675 and OTD 775. Each fieldwork is 12 weeks, full time in duration, for approximately 480 hours, or part time on a case by case basis. WNE OTD students are assigned to Level II fieldwork, a supervised clinical internship experience, in a traditional or role emerging practice setting. These supervised fieldwork experiences provide the OTD student with an opportunity to apply didactic and prior clinical knowledge, experience the evaluation and intervention process across the lifespan and across a range of abilities in a variety of practice settings. Students will demonstrate the ability to engage in ethical practice, applying clinical thinking and reasoning, and demonstrating professionalism to actively integrate into the OT process.


This course is graded pass/fail.