Catalogue 2020 - 2021

OTD 662 Doctoral Experiential 3: Research and Planning


3 crs.


OTD 642

Course Description

This course is designed to enhance skills for program development for research and educational projects. It is focused on preparation for the scholarship part of the doctoral experiential. Students will learn to perform many tasks that are required in managing large projects in general terms and for the students’ projects in particular: project time management, application of theoretical frameworks, instrument development, application of appropriate technologies/media for education, development of appropriate IRB/consent documentation, and creation of meaningful project evaluation/outcome measures. Students will develop essential graphics for their proposals and later reports. They will gain practice in adapting their language, style, and media to target the audience for whom they are creating materials. They will further develop and justify budgets (of time and costs) for their project. Most of the experiential projects are team efforts; students will work with their experiential group on projects for this course. Labs will involve both time to work on the week’s projects with assistance of faculty, practice using new technologies when relevant, and sharing of ideas/problem solving with the rest of the class.


Formerly "Doctoral Residency 3: Research and Planning"

This course is graded pass/fail.