Catalogue 2020 - 2021

OTD 661 Advanced Seminar: Future Trends in Practice


2 crs.


Spring 2 - OTD 640, OTD 642, OTD 643, OTD 646, OTD 647, OTD 648, OTD 658, OTD 659

Course Description

This course focuses on preparing for leadership and management skills for the delivery of occupational therapy at local, state, national, and global levels as part of a collaborative interprofessional health care team. A central focus of this course will be on emerging and innovative practice areas. Students will review the history of the profession and the environments where occupational therapists provide care as well as social, economic, political, geographic, and demographic issues. Emphasis will be on the influence that occupational therapy has had on populations and settings over time, as well as the influence that the contexts of practice have on the profession. Students will envision and prepare for the future of health care, education, and community services, and the leadership roles and influence that is possible for occupational therapists.