Catalogue 2020 - 2021

OTD 534 Research Process/Evidence-Based Practice 1


2 crs.


Spring 1 - OTD 519, OTD 520, OTD 522, OTD 524, OTD 526, & OTD 528

Course Description

This course is the first of two courses on the research process and evidence based practice (EBP). The two courses will explore the principles of human subject research, the necessity for research in knowledge development, and breadth of research methodologies. In this first course of the series, students will learn to transform clinical problems, departmental issues, legislative concerns or advocacy opportunities, and population needs into researchable questions. The course has three principal foci: 1) assessing/establishing evidence bases for practice using databases, systematic literature reviews, meta analyses, and validity/reliability assessment of research, 2) understanding the research process, from defining the research question; performing literature reviews; selecting methodologies, measurements, and samples; to analyzing and writing up research; and 3) securing funding and human subjects authorization for research.