Catalogue 2020 - 2021

OTD 526 Population Health & Interprofessional Practice 1


2 crs.


Fall 1 - OTD 500, OTD 505, OTD 510, OTD 511, OTD 512, OTD 514, OTD 518

Course Description

This course introduces the basic concepts of population health and focuses on physical and mental health issues in the adult and aging population as the basis for fostering a transformation within the health care continuum, i.e. acute care practice in hospitals; post-acute care in inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation centers, and skilled nursing facilities; primary care in community-based settings; and home health. Content correlates with OTD 514, 522, and 524. Populations studied include Veterans with PTSD; workers with acquired injuries; individuals with substance abuse, clients with memory impairment including concussion, and rural communities and populations with access to care challenges, etc. Students review the literature on interprofessionalism, develop tools for guiding the formation of interprofessional teams, identify questions to initiate needs assessments, design program initiatives, and recommend methods for achieving optimum interprofessional practice outcomes within existing settings.