Catalogue 2020 - 2021

OTD 520 Therapeutic Use of Self and Group Interventions


3 crs.


Fall 1 - OTD 500, OTD 505, OTD 510, OTD 511, OTD 512, OTD 514, OTD 518

Course Description

This course focuses on group and individual treatment methodologies in mental health and cognitive settings. Using the OTPF-3 as a guide, students will learn a variety of psychosocial treatment methods, including those addressing the areas of social skills, relaxation, cognition, sensory processing, and other areas. Group dynamics/group development is also emphasized, including group stages, leadership roles, conflict resolution, and problem solving. Therapeutic use of self is woven throughout the course as a therapeutic tool in occupational therapy. The nature of the material discussed in class may bring up personal feelings and experiences. For this reason, confidentiality is essential and each class member is expected to show respect for the ideas and beliefs of others.