Catalogue 2020 - 2021

OTD 519 Clinical Neuroscience


3 crs.


OTD 505

Course Description

This course will provide a comprehensive study of the neural systems that underlie human perception, emotion, memory, and attention; and of the pathological disorders that result from damage to these systems.

Following a review of neural cell physiology and neuroanatomy, the course will focus on the manner in which basic cognitive behavioral processes are disrupted due to neurodevelopmental, or neurodegenerative disorders, or subsequent to brain injury. Current diagnostic methods will be examined, including an examination of how to interpret research/clinical findings and detect inherent limitations.

The course will culminate with the preparation and presentation of a neurobehavioral case study. Through this assignment, the students will learn to read and comprehend articles from a variety of scientific journals and integrate literary sources from physiological and behavioral approaches centered on a common clinical topic.