Catalogue 2020 - 2021

OTD 512 Evaluation: Occupational Profile and Analysis of Occupations


2 crs.


Admission to the OTD program

Course Description

This course focuses on using a top-down approach to evaluation by assessing the client’s abilities to engage in desired roles and activities in their primary environments (home, school, work and the community). Students will learn methods of gathering client occupational profiles using specific measures (COPM. PEGS, etc.) that are designed to understand the meaning of occupation in maintaining occupational identity, the function and purpose of specific occupations, the form that occupation takes, and occupational performance components related to functional participation. Students will learn to identify meaningful occupations, as well as the barriers to participation in these occupations through activity analysis. Students will design therapeutic interventions that include both preparatory and occupation-based strategies. Throughout this course, students will learn to grade/adapt activities to meet client-specific goals and abilities.