Catalogue 2020 - 2021

EMGT 602 Engineering Crisis, Disaster, and Risk Management


3 cr.


Graduate standing.

Course Description

This course offers the foundation for students interested in advanced studies in Hazard Identification, Risk Scenario Development, Environmental Impact and Risk Assessments, Domestic & International Emergency Management, and Safety Management Systems. The goal is for the student to develop a function knowledge of risk and emergency management practices and applications that can be applied to their professional career within an organization that must identify potential hazards, maintain continuity during, and recover operations immediately after a crisis. Towards this, the course is delineated as three sections: 1) Mechanisms for identifying relevant scenarios that identify hazards. 2) Practical applications of crisis and emergency management strategies, such as the National Environmental Policy Act, 3) Functional processes of state and federal disaster planning and response infrastructures.


Formerly "Engineering Risk Management"