Catalogue 2020 - 2021

Creative Writing Minor

Degree Requirements

The minor requirement is 18 credit hours, as follows:

ENGL 237Creative Writing

3 cr.

ENGL 351Fiction Workshop

3 cr.

ENGL 352Poetry Workshop

3 cr.

ENGL 354Creative Non-Fiction Workshop

3 cr.

ENGL 3xx Creative Writing Electives (Variable-Topics)

3 cr.

ENGL 3XX/4XXCreative Writing/English Elective

3 cr.

Total Credit Hours:18

Please note: 

With the exception of ENGL 237, the Creative Writing workshops may be taken more than once for credit toward the minor. 

Creative Writing electives : ENGL 270, ENGL 290-ENGL 299, ENGL 351, ENGL 352, ENGL 354, ENGL 370 and ENGL 390- ENGL 399.

Total Credit Hours: 18