Catalogue 2020 - 2021

Computer Forensics Minor

General Information

The rate of computer crime is increasing at a phenomenal rate and is receiving heightened attention by businesses and the media. There is a corresponding need for computing professionals who are also trained in the field of criminal justice.

This minor provides students with a combination of criminal justice and computing skills to enable them to investigate computer crimes. The requirements for a minor in Computer Forensics are 19 credit hours as follows:

Degree Requirements

Required CS/IT courses (10 credit hours)

CS 101/IT 101Introduction to Computing

4 cr.

CS 300Computer Forensics, Tools and Processes

3 cr.

CS 310Computer Crime Scene Investigation

3 cr.

Total Credit Hours:10

Required CJ courses (9 credit hours)

CJ 101Introduction to Criminal Justice

3 cr.

CJ 311Criminal Investigation

3 cr.

CJ 348Introduction to Cyber Crimes

3 cr.

Total Credit Hours:9

Total Credit Hours: 19