Catalogue 2020 - 2021

Graduate Certificate in Engineering Project Management

Project Management, as a skill-set and career, has been an ever increasing critical element of every engineer and business leader’s resume. Partially this is because nearly half of the engineers working in industry serve in management capacities, and partially because as projects grow in scale and complexity, the specialized skill needed to management them begins to deviate from the skill required to design them. This Graduate Certificate addresses this need by packaging industry relevant course work such that the student receives a practical body of knowledge from across industry disciplines, while also recognizing the needs to satisfy the more dominate industry certification agencies (Project Management Institute - PMI). After earning this certificate, the student is well placed for industry with a stand-alone certificate, partial completion of the requirements of a Master’s degree in Engineering Management, as well as prepared for the PMI’s PMP examination.

The certificate consists of four 3-credit courses. Each course is in-class/online hybrid that enables students to participate either fully online, fully in-class or any combination of the two. Course Credits earned are transferable to other graduate certificates as well as a future master’s degree if: 1) transferred within 6 years, 2) grade is B or greater.

Degree Requirements

Graduate Certificate in Engineering Project Management requirements:

EMGT 605Engineering Management

3 cr.

EMGT 609/CEE 609/IE 609Strategic Engineering Economics

3 cr.

EMGT 619/IE 619Engineering Supply Chain

3 cr.

EMGT 648Project Management

3 cr.

Total Credit Hours:12

Total Credit Hours: 12