Catalogue 2020 - 2021

Graduate Certificate in Operations Research

Operations research is the application of advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions, by employing techniques that range from mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, and optimization. The goal is to identify optimal or near-optimal solutions to complex resource allocation and management problems. “OR” is the basis for solving many of the scheduling, distribution, staffing and design problems in industry. This certificate is designed to be the analytic-oriented compliment to the Graduate Certificate in Operations Management (analytic-oriented).

The certificate consists of four 3-credit courses. Each course is in-class/online hybrid that enables students to participate either fully online, fully in-class or any combination of the two. Course Credits earned are transferable to other graduate certificates as well as a future master’s degree if: 1) transferred within 6 years, 2) grade is B or greater.

Degree Requirements

Graduate Certificate in Operations Research requirements:

EMGT 620/IE 620Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

3 cr.

EMGT 626/IE 626Discrete Event Simulation

3 cr.

EMGT 635/IE 635Operations Research

3 cr.

EMGT 643/IE 643Design of Experiments

3 cr.

Total Credit Hours:12

Total Credit Hours: 12