Catalogue 2019 - 2020

SO 231 Music (Sub)Cultures in the US & UK


3 cr.


Sophomore standing

Course Description

This course examines the historical emergence, socio-political worldviews, and material output of various musical subcultures in the United States and the United Kingdom. An integral aspect of all subcultures is the concept of resistance: the styles of these subcultures can be understood as representing a symbolic challenge to the prevailing social/cultural order. Course participants will be introduced to the Sociological analysis of culture (and subculture) by comparing a series of examples in the US and the UK: punk, hip-hop, heavy metal, reggae, jazz, and folk. These cases further allow us to explore the relationship between race, socio-economic class, and global politics in both countries.


Satisfies Elements of Culture requirement "CA."

Cross Listed Courses

CUL 231