Catalogue 2019 - 2020

NSCI 224 Sensation and Perception


3 cr.


One non-lab science and one lab science course is required prior to taking this as an NSP course (BIO 101 or BIO 107/BIO 117 or CHEM 101).

Course Description

This Natural Science Perspective (NSP) course examines the physiological basis of sensation and uses a comparison of multiple approaches to measure the internalization of sensory stimuli into a private, meaningful experience (perception). All that we feel, think and do depends on sensations and perceptions. The physiological and psychological aspects underlying sensory experiences are combined in a thought-provoking manner that engages students. Students will learn how sensory systems filter information to the brain where it is further processed into a perception of the environment. The content is discussed in light of contemporary applications, human experience, and the problems that occur when sensation is diminished or lacking.