Catalogue 2019 - 2020

EE 427 Electrical Engineering Laboratory III


2 cr.


EE 322

Course Description

This is the third of a three-course laboratory sequence. The course consists of several experimental projects designed to provide students with hands-on experience in analysis and design of electronic circuits and systems. After successfully completing this course the students are able to design, construct, and test sensor, relay, and motor interface circuits. They will design these circuits as part of an interdisciplinary project where the team designs, constructs, and tests a vehicle. They will build a prototype circuit board and interface it to the sensors, relay circuit, motor, and power source on the vehicle and to the microprocessor prototype circuit board. Additional experiments in control theory will be performed. These experiments include modeling and simulation of a control system, and designing, building, and testing an analog PID motor speed controller. The students reinforce their technical writing ability by writing an engineering report on the results of each project. The assessment in this course is based on the quality of the work done in the laboratory and the written reports.


One class hour, one three-hour lab.