Catalogue 2019 - 2020

Medical Leave

A matriculated undergraduate who needs to discontinue studies during the course of a semester for medical reasons (physical and/or mental health) can request a mid-semester Medical Leave.

Students who are having medical difficulty are encouraged to contact the Dean of Students office to discuss the details of the medical leave request and to explore options to support the student’s long-term success. The Dean of Students office will confer with the Academic Success Center and other University offices as needed on issues affecting the student and their studies.

A mid-semester Medical Leave does not negate the student’s financial responsibility to the University. Tuition, fees, room and board charges, and financial aid will all be treated normally through the WNE Withdrawal and Refund Policy, related refund schedules and federal Return of Title IV Funds guidelines. Financial aid recipients should contact Enrollment Services as soon as possible to explore all implications of taking a Medical Leave related to their student account and financial aid. Students are also encouraged to look into possible implications for their health insurance coverage.

Mid-Semester Medical Leaves are formally initiated by the student submitting a Medical Leave Request Form and supporting documentation from a health care provider to the Dean of Students office. The Dean of Students office will consult with University Health and Counseling Services as appropriate. The Dean will submit approved Medical Leave Request forms to Enrollment Services.

To be eligible for a mid-semester Medical Leave, the student must have demonstrated academic engagement up to the point that extenuating circumstances affected the student’s performance. The date the student submits the mid-semester Medical Leave form and supporting documentation, or otherwise notifies the University in writing of the need for a mid-semester Medical Leave, is the effective date of the leave. No academic work or participation may happen after this date; doing so moves the effective date of the Medical Leave to the date of the last academically-related activity except as noted below. Medical Leaves with effective dates after the course drop deadline will result in grades of W for all registered course work. Requests must be submitted by December 1 for the fall semester, May 1 for the spring semester or July 1 for 8-week or 12-week summer semesters, except that Medical Leaves cannot be approved if a student has taken a final exam or submitted final coursework for any classes for the semester. Medical Leaves are not available for winter or 6-week summer semesters.

The Dean of Students Office, in consultation with University Health and Counseling Services staff, may include treatment expectations upon their request to return for students granted a Medical Leave. Students receiving a mid-semester Medical Leave typically must be away from the University for the semester the leave takes effect and one additional full 15-week semester. Exceptions regarding the additional full semester off will only be considered on appeal in cases where the student provides sufficient documentation attesting to the student’s readiness to resume academic work.

Students must request to return from Medical Leave to the Dean of Students, and the request must include supporting documentation from a licensed health care provider who is not related to the student and who is responsible for treatment that supports the student’s request for—and reinstatement from—the leave.

Students on Medical Leave are considered to be current Western New England University students, but may not be enrolled in classes during their time away. The Western New England University email address will remain active and will be the primary means of contact by the University.