Catalogue 2019 - 2020

Incomplete Work

The mark “I” is appropriate for a student who is unable to complete work for a course by the end of the semester in cases of extenuating circumstances. Incompletes may not be granted based solely on a request for more time or to submit additional/revised work to earn a higher grade. Extenuating circumstances include serious documented illness or incapacitation, family emergency, or death in the family. The Dean of Students can assist in validating documentation for family emergencies or medical situations.

The student has six weeks from the last day of final examinations to submit work, whether or not they are still enrolled at Western New England University. Since finals typically end on Fridays, that gives faculty the weekend to review and grade the work. Faculty have until Noon the following Monday to submit the grade. Please see the Academic Calendar for exact deadlines for each term.

The mark “I” becomes an F grade for work not completed after six weeks or by the conclusion of an approved extension period. An incomplete not so made up will be changed to the grade F automatically unless an extension request is submitted by the faculty member and is approved by the University Registrar, in consultation with the appropriate Dean’s office, before the original student deadline to submit work. In no event will any extension go beyond the last day of exams of the following fall or spring semester.

Students may not register if they have four or more Incompletes on their record. The mark “I” carries a grade point equivalent of 0.000 for purposes of determining Academic Standing and Satisfactory Academic Progress. If the mark “I” is given in the last semester of enrollment, the incomplete must be changed to a letter grade before the degree will be awarded.