Catalogue 2019 - 2020

Degree Audit

An automated degree requirement system, known as a Degree Audit, assists students and advisors in assessing the progress of a student’s program of study. It enables students and advisors to project the orderly fulfillment of their curriculum plan. It includes a record of all the student’s courses completed to date and their courses in progress, and serves as an unofficial projection of courses remaining in a degree program.

A Degree Audit can also be used to determine the progress status of degree programs other than the currently declared major. In other words, if a marketing major wants to determine the viability of becoming a management major, a trial Degree Audit can be retrieved and populated with all courses taken to date by a student, along with the remaining degree requirements.

While a Degree Audit is a useful tool for planning the orderly fulfillment of degree requirements, students and advisors must realize it is not a replacement for the official academic transcript, nor should it be used as a substitute for verifying official degree requirements. The University catalogue that the student has matriculated under, is the primary source.