Catalogue 2019 - 2020


Subject to space limitations, a student may audit a course if granted approval by the instructor in which the course is offered. Auditing serves to enable a student to study the subject matter of a course when a grade is neither required nor desired. An audit carries no credit, has no grade point equivalent, and is recorded simply as “Audit.” A student intending to audit a course should consult Enrollment Services for the proper procedure. (See the “Fees” section.)  See the academic calendar for deadline to change from “audit to credit” status or “credit to audit” status.

Graduate courses in the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business and Engineering may be audited on a space-available basis by alumni who have completed bachelor’s or master’s degrees at Western New England University and who also have the listed prerequisites for the course selected. Courses in the School of Law are not available for alumni auditors. The University does not maintain any record of registration or completion of courses by alumni auditors.