Catalogue 2019 - 2020

Air Force/Army ROTC College Incentive

Western New England University will provide up to full (double occupancy) room and board to any student receiving a four-year ROTC scholarship. If the student selects Gateway, Evergreen or Southwood, for residence, they will receive full (double occupancy) room and $1,500. If the ROTC scholarship is less than full tuition, the incentive could be reduced accordingly.

Other students, including Advance Designees, who receive ROTC scholarships after enrolling at the University, will receive full (double occupancy) room during the period that they qualify for the ROTC scholarships.

The incentive will be considered part of all gift aid a student may receive from the University based on merit or need. In no case will the total gift aid provided by the University and external gift aid exceed the student’s direct cost of education.