Catalogue 2019 - 2020

Master of Science in Law (For Non-Lawyers)

Law permeates virtually every human activity. Professionals in many different fields regularly interact with lawyers, the legal system, judicial rulings, policy issues, and regulations.  These professionals could benefit from a deeper understanding of legal principles relating to their work.

Western New England University School of Law's Masters of Science in Law (MSL), is targeted at non-lawyer professionals who deal with lawyers and/or legal topics as part of their occupation, but who do not desire to obtain a JD or to practice law.

The MSL degree will provide an educational experience that will allow candidates to do their jobs more effectively and to advance their careers. The specific curriculum for any given MSL student will be tailored to meet that student's specific professional goals.

Admission will be based on undergraduate credentials, work experience, and other factors relevant to professional development. The MSL students are not required to take the LSAT or any other graduate admission test.