Catalogue 2019 - 2020

PHAR 680 Professional Development II

Course Description

In addition to curricular requirements, learners are required to satisfy professional development requirements. These program requirements have been selected by the College of Pharmacy to foster personal and professional growth and development. Learners will be required to develop and utilize electronic portfolios to document professional experiences (e.g., meetings, activities, assignments), track community service, and reflect upon and assess learning activities and experiences. The learners' academic advisors will review and assess the portfolios and provide the learner feedback. The portfolio requirements for each academic year must be satisfied in order for learners to progress into the next academic year. As directed by the Associate/Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, learners will meet on campus for portfolio development, assessment activities, and Dean's Seminar. Dean's Seminar provides learners with insight into current pharmacy and health care-related issues through guest presentations.