Catalogue 2019 - 2020

PHAR 663 Pharmaceut Industry in a Global Context




2nd/3rd Year Pharmacy (Recommended, Previous).

Course Description

Learners will gain an understanding of drug approval process, role of contract research organizations, principles of pharmaceutical marketing and market access as well as principles of pricing and financing of pharmaceuticals on individual country levels. They will be able to assess the role of innovator and generic pharmaceutical companies in development of breakthrough agents and facilitation of earlier access to lower cost alternatives. In addition, learners will be exposed to the current controversies facing the industry, including loopholes in the regulatory environment delaying earlier generic introductions, ethics of conducting clinical trials in the developing world, deceptive marketing practices and the challenges of medical and regulatory establishments in protecting public health and ensuring patient access to safe and effective medications. The course may be of interest to learners considering careers in pharmaceutical industry, regulatory agencies, managed care organizations, consulting and analytics as well as those interested in gaining insight about the world of pharmaceuticals outside of the walls of community pharmacy.