Catalogue 2019 - 2020

OTD 659 Comprehensive Exam


1 cr.


Fall 2 - OTD-614, OTD-624, OTD-626, OTD-630, OTD-632, OTD-633, and OTD-638

Course Description

This course supports the further development of clinical reasoning, problem-based thinking/learning, and test taking strategies through case studies, simulated experiences, and clinical practice examinations. Students will be guided in organizing and reviewing curriculum content; applying clinical knowledge; and preparing for the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) exam. This course includes opportunities for test-taking strategies, rational for specific answers, and time management techniques specific to test taking.

This course is graded pass/fail. Students must pass this course to progress to the Level II Fieldwork and Doctoral Experiential phases of the program.