Catalogue 2019 - 2020

OTD 658 Level IE Fieldwork


1 cr.


OTD 638

Course Description

Students experience occupational therapy practice in adult/aging, well-elderly/community-based, and/or residential settings. Opportunities to observe aging adults within their primary residential settings and interact with standardized and/or real clients experiencing chronic disabilities, pain, age-related conditions, etc. are provided. Students will be given opportunities to provide recommendations to promote successful aging in place, including fall prevention strategies, home/environmental modifications, community access/mobility strategies, home management, and others relevant to the client(s)/setting(s). Students are expected to model interprofessionalism, as permitted by the site (e.g. in-service presentation; form an IPP team to work with a client; develop a proposal for an IPP team on a unit; create a survey to establish perceptions of IPP; run a focus group to identify barriers to IPP).