Catalogue 2019 - 2020

OTD 642 Doctoral Experiential 2: Proposal Development


1 crs.


OTD 632

Course Description

This course is designed to foster skills for developing proposals in multiple settings and for multiple purposes. Students will learn to perform many tasks that are required in leadership positions: writing grant proposals, business plans, and requests to administration for process, equipment, or staffing changes. They will learn how to create graphics, gain practice in adapting language and style to target audiences, and how to develop and justify budgets (of time and costs), and project return on investment. Proposals are often team efforts, so students will also learn to be a consultant and to give and receive constructive feedback. The proposals that will be created in this course are similar to those that will be created this semester for the Doctoral Experiential projects.


Formerly "Doctoral Residency 2: Proposal Development"