Catalogue 2019 - 2020

OTD 632 Doctoral Experiential 1: Needs Assessment


1 cr.


Summer 1 OTD 530, OTD 534, OTD 536, & OTD 538

Course Description

This is the first course in the Doctoral Experiential sequence. During this course, students will work with their assigned faculty mentor to identify potential populations and possible facilities/sites at which he/she may complete the Doctoral Experiential Component of the program. Using the skills/knowledge regarding needs assessment from OTD 630 Leadership: Needs Assessment and Program Development and faculty guidance from OTD 633: Mentorship (both taken concurrently with this course), students will identify objectives of a needs assessment, develop various needs assessment instruments, and analyze methodology of data collection.


Formerly "Doctoral Residency 1: Needs Assessment"