Catalogue 2019 - 2020

LLME 843 International Estate Planning



Course Description

Clients with international interests are on the rise. This course examines the profile of a multinational client in need of estate and income tax planning. Foundational concepts, such as the reach of the U.S. transfer and income tax system outside U.S. borders are covered, as well as the situs rules for various types of assets and the concept of residency. The operation of both credits and deductions available in an international context are explored as well as a focus on charitable planning for charities overseas. Pre-immigration planning for the multinational coming to the U.S., as well as expatriation planning for the U.S. citizen or resident is explored, along with a focus on the recent exit tax and federal inheritance tax laws. Income tax planning for both of these populations will also be covered, as well as the recent foreign bank account income and reporting issues common to these populations. Foreign Trusts, estates and beneficiaries will be discussed. The use of tax treaties throughout all of the topics will be discussed.