Catalogue 2019 - 2020

LAWW 709 Legislation



Course Description

The Legislation simulates the modern legislative process, federal and state, with the goal of teaching students the skills necessary through it. Students study and propose revisions to the United States Code and the Massachusetts General Laws. They research and draft bills for the Congress and the Massachusetts Legislature (officially the "Great and General Court"). Students examine substantive areas of law and public policy for possible revisions. They draft legislation, develop commentary, and present their proposals for public review through simulated committee hearings. Here they learn legislative advocacy skills by serving as witnesses and members. Students also study the general skill of statutory interpretation, which can be applied to all substative areas of the law. In the past, Legislation students have submitted their proposals to members of the Legislature, who have, in some instances,introduced them as bills. A few have become public law. Enrollment limited to 24 students. (This course satisfies 3 writing units.)