Catalogue 2019 - 2020

LAWW 678 Legal Writing and Analysis



Course Description

This limited-enrollment, two-credit course is designed to provide in-depth training in legal reasoning for law school exams, the bar exam, and legal practice. This course is intended to benefit students who wish to improve their legal analysis skills; improve their exam performance; and prepare for bar-related performance exams. The course will encourage students to learn how to apply substantive law in the context of performance tests. This course addresses how to prepare for and take essay and performance exams; prepare a course study outline; synthesize and formulate a rule of law from one or more legal authorities; place a rule in a rule-structure; analyze application of the rule to a set of facts; and organize legal discussion of that analysis. Students will receive guidance and feedback on all written work from the professor about ways to improve their legal reasoning skills. The final grade is based on two performance exams and other small projects, assignments, and quizzes. Limit to 16. (This course satisfies 2 writing units.)